The 5 seconds of first hug


It was surreal

I had butterflies in my stomach

I just closed my eyes and allowed it to sink in

It was the first time I had felt her up and close.

Just the thing I had imagined.

But still so different.

The moment when the entire world seemed immaterial

The 2 seconds that seem a lifetime now

The moment when the Oxytocin in my body made be believe that she is the one

The moment when I felt her breath as she leaned against me.

The small drop of sweat on her forehead.

The perfectly balanced aroma of her perfume.

That glint of smile when we were about to hug.

The moment when her cold fingers touched my back

The feel of her perfect hair.

The Hair with which I can spend my entire life just playing

The moment when she did not realize that I was admiring her beautiful face

The moment when we were about to let go and I was expecting a tighter hug

The moment of silence once we let go

The moment when I wanted to say something right there and then but could not

The moment when I was not able to lift even my hand to say her goodbye

The moment I feared touching anything else around just to lose the aroma of her hair from my fingers

The moment when I wanted another hug then and there but could not ask

Another moment

Another moment

Yet another moment

The moment when I realized that she does not even know how I felt


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